Bill Eager

New Personal Site / Blog

April 25, 2019

Greetings, highly-caffeinated tech recruiter, or old acquaintance who decided to Google me, or other person named Bill Eager who decided to Google himself, or sad sap who ended up on this page trying to Google something completely different—or hopefully, person from the future who was reading something far more interesting on this blog and decided to see what the first post on this blog was. (It was this post! What a letdown!)

Amusingly, this site had not been updated in over five years. I had intended to update my site in that time, but everything else possible got in the way, and furthermore, I was paralyzed by the myriad options for managing my personal website in a way that seemed authentic with respect to my background as a web developer. Specifically, I wanted to have a personal website that was:

  1. Easy to develop
  2. Version-controlled
  3. Minimalistic in code and layout
  4. Static, and possible to host statically
  5. Browser-performant
  6. Open-source

I had been tangentially aware of a bunch of static site generators for a while, and like the trend-abiding troglodyte I am, I settled on the most obvious and well-known one out there, Gatsby. If you’re reading this, I successfully completed the elusive second step of building a Gatsby site: putting it somewhere on the web.

So here we are, on what must be the tenth incarnation of my personal website and blog. I’ll try to post witty, compelling, useful things on this blog. And if I don’t, it’s open source, so you can submit a pull request to make me interesting. —b

Bill Eager is a web technologist, engineering leader, and reckless pontificator. Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn